Whitestone Opalite Dice Set

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Product Overview

This dice set is inspired by Whitestone, the home base of Vox Machina, heroes of the first Critical Role campaign. The opalite dice set emulates the arcane energy material residuum and comes packed snugly in a velvet box. The lid also doubles as a padded dice tray for rolling dice!


  • Seven piece dice set made of opalite stone and gold painted numbers
  • Arrives in a cream-colored velvet box lined with pale purple velvet
  • Box has a gold foil stamp of the Whitestone crest on the top and Critical Role logo on the bottom
  • The d20 features a Critical Role logo on the 20 side
  • Due to the unique nature of opalite, the coloration may vary slightly between dice

This is an official Critical Role product.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review