Showcase: Kaldheim - Part 2

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The burning tar oceans of Immersturm are restless. They pop and bubble like, uh, well exactly like hot tar, but like, way more than usual. Three massive figures emerge from the depths, capsizing a boat of demons into the scorching sea (don’t worry, they were all jerks). Kaldheim has giants, but none like this. Stomp your opponents with these black and red titans that feature Kaldheim’s unique showcase frame and art by DZO, GodMachine, and Dibujante Nocturno. They’re large, in charge, and everybody else better watch out!

  • 1x Showcase Grave Titan
  • 1x Showcase Inferno Titan
  • 1x Showcase Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger


(No reviews yet) Write a Review