Critical Role Painted Figures: Monsters of Wildemount - Set 1

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Enhance your campaign with thrilling creatures straight from the world of Exandria and imagined by Matthew Mercer! Now you and your players can come face-to-face with memorable monsters like the frog-like Nergaliid, or the dreaded Husk Zombie. In the Monsters of Wildemount - Set 1, choose from nine epic pre-painted miniatures to add to your own campaign.

Core Spawn Crawler (20mm Base)
Core Spawn Emissary (25mm Base)
Core Spawn Seer (25mm Base)
Husk Zombie (25mm Base)
Shadowghast (25mm Base)
Aeorian Absorber (50mm Base)
Aeorian Nullifier (50mm Base)
Aeorian Reverser (50mm Base)
Nergaliid (50mm Base)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review