Critical Role Painted Figures: Factions of Wildemount - Dwendalian Empire

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The Dwendalian denizens live in a world of imperial law. With the Factions of Wildemount -Dwendalian Empire, you can explore the land ruled over by King Bertrand Dwendal and meet the many denizens who dwell within it. Whether your party examines the wares of the jovial Pumat Sol or finds themselves involved in quiet intrigue with a Volstrucker Agent, your campaign is sure to become one memorable encounter after the next!

All figures are supplied on 25mm bases.

Volstrucker Agent
Draconblood Dragonborn
Ravenite Dragonborn
Dwendalian Aristocrat
Dwendalian Farmer
Dwendalian Crownsguard
Righteous Brand Soldier
Hills of Pride Call Farmer
Pumat Sol



(No reviews yet) Write a Review