Copy of D&D Icons of the Realm: Wild Shape & Polymorph Set 2

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In the warmer realms of Exandria, the eight cities of the Clovis Concord form a democratic nation of trade and variety among their inhabitants. Now you and your players can enjoy dynamic encounters when you add Factions of Wildemount - Clovis Concord & Menagerie Coast to your collection! From the boisterous activity of the Fisherman of Clovis at the docks, to the watchful gaze of the Shore Warden Soldier, you’ll find yourselves immersed in the coastal world brought to life at your table!

Clovis Noble (20mm Base)
Fisherman of Clovis (25mm Base)
Blood Hunter (25mm Base)
Shore Warden Soldier (25mm Base)
Clovis Concord Zhelezo (25mm Base)
The Grinner (25mm Base)
The Hollow One (25mm Base)
Pallid Elf (25mm Base)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review