Argent Saga LGS Pack 1

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Product Overview

LGS Packs are 1 card booster packs that feature full art promo cards. Each Volume will have a select list of cards players can get in their pack, and if players are lucky they might even find a From the Vault card! LGS Pack: Vol 1 showcases beautiful full art cards such as the special shards from Betrayal, full art Omega Magic spells, and other powerful spell cards like Guiding Winds and Treat!. Along with the reprints of these popular cards, LGS Pack: Vol 1 will feature two brand new cards! 


Tux, the Emperor Spirit and Gloom Necrolord will both debut in LGS Pack: Vol 1.Tux is a brand new Water Spirit that has an increased affinity of 10! Stun your opponent’s units with Tux’s Soulburst! Stun is a new mechanic that leaves a unit useless until the end of the next turn.

Gloom Necrolord will be the first preview card released for Set 3: Ascension. While players are waiting to get their hands on Ascension, Gloom Necrolord will be available early in LGS Pack: Vol 1. Gloom Necrolord's ruined ability can revive any two units in your discard zone!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review