Animal Adventures: Starter Set

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Product Overview

  • Created for beginners, this RPG starter set is your gateway into the magical world of Animal Adventures and roleplaying games. Inside is everything you need to play a thrilling RPG campaign, with no experience needed (and awesome miniatures compatible with any tabletop RPG!).

    Explore exciting locations, face fearsome and fantastical beasts, and have fun!

    Simple, Easy-to-follow Rules
    4 Dog Miniatures (Unpainted)
      ‣ Chantilly, Labrador Fighter
      ‣ Elvis, Cavalier Bard
      ‣ Brianna, Boxer Paladin
      ‣ Kai, Shiba Inu Cleric
    3 Cat Miniatures (Unpainted)
      ‣ Solan, Persian Warlock
      ‣ Whisper, Sphinx Sorcerer
      ‣ Molly, Lykoi Rogue
    7 Character Sheets
    1 Double-sided Game Map
    1 Gamemaster Screen
    Illustrated Tokens


(No reviews yet) Write a Review